Stacie Yue CREATE Workshop

Workshop Schedule



9am - Stacie’s Background & Story (Business Portion)

Stacie will be sharing how in two short years she went from a wedding videographer, to fashion photographer living in New York City.  Why New York? And why biting the bullet on discomfort is necessary on hitting your next big goal. I want to share with you a few key moments of confidence in the discomfort that lead me to getting published and how you shouldn’t be afraid to work your ass off and try something uncomfortable. 

10am-12pm : Creative Education with Stacie Yue (Business Portion)

If there’s any time to take notes, this is where you’ll want to. I’m going to share with you my individual creative process. And where I find inspiration, and a few accessible key tools to develop and shoot concepts that are unique, without copying others work. I’ll share with you best practice when working with stylists, models and how to produce professional images with a team. 

I’ll share with you how I build a strong portfolio and answer questions about why certain images stand out more than others. 

And last but not least, what equipment do I shoot with? I’ll make sure to show you the equipment I use, and how to produce a professional photoshoot from start to finish.

12pm-12:30pm Lunch

We’ll have a delicious lunch served for all of our attendees.


Education by The FIND Lab. Learn the basics of shooting with film and how to work with your film lab. We’ll discuss common film mistakes and our must have film stocks. Stacie will have film cameras for those who haven’t shot film, now’s your time to get started!

1:30pm-2pm Directing & Posing with professional models (Styled Photoshoots)

More time to take notes and ask questions. I’ll show you my gear, and the lighting techniques I like best for specific shots. I’ll make sure to fill you in on how I like to direct my models, the best language to use and how to get creative posing while maintaining powerful images. Within all of the details of your shoot, is your awesome team. Learn how I create cohesion and confidence within my team for amazing final images. 

2pm-5:00pm Photoshoots (Styled Photoshoots)

Q&A during the fashion shoots, my favorite time. I want to hear any one on one questions you have about your gear, posing, style, angle, etc. We’ll give you four fashion looks to shoot, that will help build your killer portfolio. And you’ll learn how to direct our models, while making sure the posing is unique to your style. 

7pm-8:30pm: OPTIONAL $99 Photo Retouching Session

A special offer! I’ll show you my personal process in Lightroom and what processes my photos go through. We’ll have published professional retoucher (and my personal retoucher) Audra Brown there to have a personal retouching session with you. This is where you’ll learn the basics of retouching.  

March 17, 2019: OPTIONAL $150 Portfolio Review

A special offer! Let’s take an hour and go through your past work, and where you should be headed. This portfolio review will offer you a chance to have a one on one guided session, where we explore your own personal creativity and how you can make your vision happen.