Stacie Yue CREATE Workshop




Come join Stacie Yue & her team in Salt Lake City for an epic day of inspirational photoshoots and creative photography education.

Stacie will art direct multiple photoshoots, and give classes on creating as a photographer in the fashion industry. She will help you find the resources to create fashion editorials on your own. Stacie will be educating on how she made it to NYC as a full time fashion photographer in just TWO years.  

Come learn from NYC based photographer Stacie Yue. Learn her process from the spark of an idea to the final processed image. This workshop is for all skill levels. You'll learn:  

-How to set up and direct a fashion photoshoot & editorial.

-Shoot alongside Stacie- as she art directs four looks on two different models.

-Learn the ins and outs on getting published in the fashion world.

-You’ll learn exactly what equipment Stacie uses both digital & film.

-Learn how to get comfortable shooting in studio with studio lighting.

-Where to find inspiration, how to stay creative, and actually apply it to your work. 

-How to make your images unique and stand out on a budget.   




I grew up just South of Salt Lake City in a very small town. If you would have told me three years ago that I’d be living in New York City, working as a full time fashion photographer, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I started my professional career in 2015 shooting small weddings. I did well and hit all my financial goals- but I wasn’t satisfied. I wasn’t creating images that inspired me or motivated me to keep creating. I started putting together small fashion shoots and I loved it. It was then that I decided to buy a ticket to Paris and try to shoot at fashion week. I had no plan, no connections, but that didn’t stop me. I was able to create a runway portfolio which has taken me shooting fashion weeks all around the world.

For a year I grinded, I created, and I built one hell of a fashion portfolio. I hit the point where I just HAD to be where the fashion industry is. My husband and I took the leap and moved to New York City a few months later.

Since being in New York, I have had over 25 editorials published internationally. And have shot countless runway shows at Milan, Paris, and New York Fashion Week. With brands hiring me to shoot their runway shows. I have learned the ups and downs of getting published, working with brands, relationships with models, and how to stay confident with my specific take on fashion. I’ve had my runway work featured in Nylon, Paper Magazine, and L'Officiel Lithuania to name a few. Working hard is exhausting but it is also fueling every bit of the work I create. Where I am now and the risks I take, weave their way into how I creatively see the world. It’s part of how I keep going, and how I keep the momentum in the fast paced fashion industry. 

At the Create Workshop, I hope to inspire you to use your stories to fuel the creativity in your work. I want to give you my expertise on the Fashion Industry and how I mold, plan and stay creative in the mundane, the overwhelming, the exciting and what’s next after landing your first published work. At the Create workshop I will sit with you and explain how I handle Fashion Week, runway shows, editorials - like the one I recently did in Paris and more importantly how to be a confident, thirsty creative in a fast moving industry. 

I started in a small town shooting small weddings, and now I’m living one of my greatest dreams. Creativity isn’t linear, but let me show you how my brain navigates being a successful New York fashion photographer. 

Her style’s fresh and never-before-seen. The poses can get a bit awkward but she finds beauty in it. Now, that’s some kind of real talent.
— Popslam Media
Stacie Yue is an inspired photographer. She is always producing unique images that promote powerful women with an edge. She brings something refreshing to the current scene that seems to be full of neutral colors and faded effects. Her fashion work breaks away from the norm in her ability to make her images feel alive with bold colors and new perspecives.
— Audra Schwartz, Professional Retoucher


Stacie Yue is a fashion photographer based out of New York City. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and their Great Dane, Django.

Yue's work is inspired by movement, strength, and diverse femininity. Stacie has a unique eye for color, clean details, and speaks to a wide audience of cool and luxury. Her images appear in the pages of editorial spreads internationally.

Stacies' work has been featured in and published worldwide - Vogue, Teen Vogue, NYLON, Paper Magazine, Lucys Magazine, SALYSE Magazine, Haute Punch Mag, Shuba Mag, beauNU Mag, Volant Mag, BeautyMute, Elegant, EVON Magazine, Popsugar, Photofoto Mag, and Beyond the Wanderlust to name a few.